I am a trainer of mindset. Through devastating milestones in my life that tried to define me, I learned how to conquer my limitations and master my perspective. As an award winning international speaker, I know how to harness the power of motivation and customize it to your specific needs. Embark on a training journey with me to experience a life-changing mental shift that will empower your future.


It is time to make the caliber of your dreams the only thing that limits you. Stop letting your own negative thoughts be the reasons you are not excelling. Start seizing the true potential of your mind. 

I am here to train your mindset so that you may transform into the person inside that you have spent your entire life cultivating; allow your inner strength to shine brighter than you ever thought possible. Train with me and learn how to vanquish the feelings that hold you back from your true potential. 


I am proud to offer various training programs designed to help you train at your own speed. The logistics of life should not get in the way of your ability to live your life unapologetically. Whether you are looking to dip your toes into mini-trainings designed to help you begin your mental transformation, or if you are ready to dive into private training sessions surrounded by a community full of potential, then there is a way to start training today. 



Train at your own pace with a series of videos designed to help unleash your true potential.



Access monthly courses, strategically designed to train your mindset.



Join a VIP community and gain access to premium mindset training content.


If time is the main obstacle that your brain claims is the reason to not do something to change your life, then start with mini-trainings. Just a few minutes per video can be the stepping stone to a life free of the shackles of self doubt. 

never stop growing


Do you seek to become an impactful professional speaker who is sought after and referred to stages? Do you want to build a solid speaking career but don’t know how to get paid well?

The Unapologetic Speaker Camp is where you want to be.

Join Award-Winning, Global Speaker, TV show host, Author and Influencer, Dr. Michelle Mras for a career-altering, experiential 3-day immersive on-stage workshop of all the tools you need to be the speaker that you’ve always wanted to be.

August 9-11 & bonus filming day for VIPs on August 12th!

Day 1: How to deliver? (Mindset)

  • Explore the intricacies of stage dynamics.
  • Challenge your expectations of losing your train of thought onstage.
  • Develop the skills to step bolder into your skill set.
  • Storytelling fundamentals.
  • Amplify your stage presence.


Day 2: Who is your audience? (Skill Set)

  • Share 8-minutes of your subject/mission.
  • Immediate feedback, adjustments and suggestions.
  • Share your updated subject/mission
  • Receive feedback from all participants.
  • How to be the sought out star guest on podcasts, TV and interviews.


Day 3: What tools are needed? (Marketing)

  • Build your repertoire.
  • Connect the dots.
  • Social Proof.
  • Legacy building.
  • Full stage Signature Story presentation, video recorded


3-Days of video recording

Day 1 & 2: Casual.

Day 3: Dress to impress.

Valued at $10000

Guest speakers on tools to improve your speaking presence (*May be offered on Pre-call)

  • Break the Code
  • Attire*
  • Press Releases*
  • Authorship
  • Book stages*
  • Voice*

Valued at $25000

Bonus material:

  • Secrets of the Professional Speaking world.
  • Speaker toolkit.
  • One Sheet blueprint.
  • Option to acquire all raw video & audio.
  • Option to upgrade to VIP

Valued at $15000

VIP Bonus:

  • Guest appearance on global Livestream show, Mental Shift with Dr. Mras.
  • Over 30+ Million household reach over 6 continents, through ZondraTV.
  • 10+ Million person reach in Asia through The New Channel (TNC), Philippines.
  • Record Live in studio with Dr. Mras.
  • Hair and Makeup provided
  • Mastermind lunch with Dr. Mras, Day 1 & 2.

Valued at $120000

*Valued at over $170K*

UNAPOLOGETIC speaker camp registration

The Unapologetic Speaker Camp is a three-day event offered ONLY twice a year:


RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW Seats are limited at each event:

$500 (deposit applied to invoice price)

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