What if that one small shift in your mindset could change everything in your world? It can.

That is exactly what happened to me. Emotional childhood trauma, breast cancer, and a traumatic brain injury left me unable to speak. With each experience I was almost beaten by my circumstances. But no, I survived. I learned that my trauma doesn’t define my life.  Instead, I used it as fuel to help light the fire in me. And, now I am transfering the firey desire to YOU. 

As an award winning, international keynote, TEDx speaker, a #1 Best Selling Author, communication coach, and a podcaster; I am on a mission to launch you towards your destiny by overcoming that inner critic, while embracing the story inside you. 

Through my journey, I’ve discovered that every day is a choice.  These lessons learned can be your journey towards being the best version of you, unapologetically


I’ve traveled the world as a part of my military family, both in childhood and in marriage. Now, I continue going around the globe sharing my message of leading a full life of intention through motivational speaking and coaching. I’ve proudly claimed Colorado as my permanent home, but the love of travel, adaptability, and lifelong exploring still courses through me.

In my professional background, I’ve spanned the gamut of Quality Systems Management, Engineering, Marketing Management, Social Work, Benefit Auctioneering, Event Planning, financial institutions, the service industry and Political Campaign Management. Now, I help others achieve their greatest versions of themselves.

Full body image of Michelle Mras laughing in a white skirt and yellow top.

“Occasionally we encounter individuals that have that ‘Little bit of MAGIC’, …Michelle is one of those people.”

~ M. Ferrington, MBA

MBA Director of Marketing & Business Development at Rocky Mountain Law Firm

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