Michelle Mras has traveled the globe to share her message of leading a full life of intention through motivational speaking, best-selling books, and goal-oriented coaching for corporations and individuals. Michelle shares her strategies and stories with such zeal and passion to help every one overcome their inner critic and take control of their own lives.

Michelle’s personal account of bravery through unthinkable adversity truly sets her message apart. With humor and sincerity, Michelle draws on her experiences as a survivor of breast cancer, a traumatic brain injury and a painful emotional trauma as a teenager, to challenge her audiences to re-frame how they view their personal struggles and strive for a brighter future and a better self.


Michelle has traveled the world as a military child, then a military spouse and she and her family have claimed Colorado as home. She attributes her fearless nature to braving multiple relocation’s and because of this, she is a strong believer in lifelong learning and self-refinement.

Michelle’s professional background spans the gamut of Quality Systems Management, Engineering, Marketing Management, Social Work, Benefit Auctioneering, Event Planning, financial institutions, the service industry and Political Campaign Management.

Michelle desires to reach audiences all over the world to empower others with the tools for continuous self-improvement!