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As a #1 Best Selling Author of three published books and multiple award-winning speeches, I respect the hard work necessary to compel others to hear your story. My passion is to speak on stage and see the twinkle that transpires in the eyes of the audience. Once I realized my stories could move mountains across the globe through the power of written words, I knew it was time to put pen to paper. My published works: Eat, Drink, and Be Mary: A Glimpse Into A Life Well Lived, It’s Not Luck, Overcoming You  and The 13 Steps to Riches – Habitude Warrior Volume 1: Desire are now available. Each book was written with passion to uncover compelling messages designed to inspire every reader to unlock their true potential. We all have a story that is worthy of sharing, so take the time to read mine and reflect on yours.


This book is the chronological story of how I met and became a part of Mary’s family. Mary constantly inspired life lessons about how to truly live and her advice is transcribed into this book. Mary Mras was a remarkable wife, mother, sister and daughter, educator, and a teacher of all. Anyone fortunate enough to cross her path surely felt her magnetic presence. Mary lived her life with intention and by example, showed us how to live a fulfilled life not by being famous or boisterous, but by simply sharing a smile, laughing through tough times and loving her family. It’s my hope to share small glimpses of a phenomenal woman, as she influenced my life, as a teacher, mentor, friend and mother-in-law. Throughout this story are Mary’s words of wisdom which are in bold italics. This book also contains e-mails from Mary’s husband, Tony, that give us an up-close view of her battle with Leukemia. The Epilogue is the story of how a sudden event forced me to re-evaluate my life to be more like Mary. The end is a list of ‘Mary-isms’ on life.

Eat, Drink, and Be Mary is available traditional and audiobook formats so you can devour the lessons and be inspired everywhere you go.



When you see someone whom you consider successful, do you think, “They are so lucky!” Do you follow that thought with, “I could never do that?” You aren’t alone. Many of us have daily struggles with the voice in our head that declares, “you aren’t good enough.” The short stories in each chapter are meant to open your mind to the possibilities. The subsequent questions are meant for you to dig deep into your own experiences. You’ll get out of this book the equivalent effort put into it and come to realize you don’t need luck to overcome yourself.

It’s Not Luck, Overcoming You is available traditional and audiobook formats so you can devour the lessons and be inspired everywhere you go.


The 13 Steps to Riches - Habitude Warrior Volume 1: DESIRE

Everything starts with a Desire; a desire to be greater or to succeed. Based on the timeless truths of Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich, the 13 Steps to Riches Volume 1: Desire brings to life the foundational principles of success that carry on from generation to generation.  In this modern-day journey in this first-ever series, you’ll learn first-hand how to use these steps to be successful in everyday life. I got the privilege to work alongside some of the most amazing authors to share our experiences and journeys of success in both business and life. We share stories of triumph and success while we utilize each one of the 13 Steps to Riches.

The 13 Steps to Riches - Habitude Warrior Volume 1: DESIRE

Imagination Videobooks

Imagintion Videobooks is a wonderful 501(c) 3 Nonprofit that creates free videos of children’s books that include audio descriptions and closed captions so all children can enjoy books without limitation. I have had the great pleasure of contributing to this organization by reading “If I Were Your Angel”  by Dan Bright. If you would like to help this amazing organization continue, click the link below to donate to Imagination Videobooks and help spread the love of reading to our younger generation.

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