Once I stood back on stage and realized that my story had the ability to impact en masse, I knew it was time to move my message to accessible platforms everywhere. For professionals looking to approach serious business decisions in a casual way, join me on the porch for the weekly Denim and Pearls podcast. My podcasts feature relatable stories while threading in hard-earned wisdom.


Are you ready to connect with like-minded business individuals who will fill your mind with wisdom and your heart with laughter? Take a seat on the porch as I co-host the Denim and Pearls Podcast with Brian Swanson.

Each week, we dive into serious business discussions for entrepreneurs and small business owners but we do things a bit differently. Take a journey with us and hold on tight as we wander into tangents, rabbit holes, and a lot of laughs. 


If you are ready for relatable, remarkable stories about entrepreneurs and business owners then take a dive into the Denim and Pearls podcast. Giggle along with us as we lightly approach serious business topics. If you enjoy the Denim and Pearls podcast, please help us spread wisdom and laughter by reviewing, rating, and subscribing the show. 

The image shows the logo for the Amplifluence podcast, hosted by Michelle Mras.


You’re the Expert, but are you struggling to monetize your authority? Authors, Speakers, and Influencers often struggle to build a strategy that makes them money.

Join Ken “Dr. Smiley” Rochon and Michelle Mras as we share the steps to ramp up your reach, attract more clients, and amplify your presence. We explore and have conversations with influencers from around the world. KEEP SMILING and Stay Amplified!


Let our team show you how to monetize your unique influence, increase your reach, and grab the attention of the people you want to notice you. With the right strategy guiding you, you’ll attract customers who are willing to pay you what you’re worth.

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