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Michelle Mras is an award winning, internationally recognized inspirational speaker, published #1 Best Selling Author, intuitive leader, wife, and mother who has been stirring audiences and individuals to action through her compelling message of self discovery and living a life of intention. Michelle’s infectious presentations inspire her clients to rise above any negative self-talk and reclaim their inner strength. She is committed to helping others realize a more balanced life that frees them to build healthy beliefs in themselves.

Choosing to live her life with intention is the defining element shaping every endeavor Michelle undertakes.  Her fiery spirit and passion, drives her to candidly share the key moments that transformed her into the irresistible force she is today.

#1 Best Selling Author

Michelle’s life story is considered a tragedy, by some. From a horrific car accident that left her incapacitated for over two years to fighting for her life with breast cancer. She has had many heart felt decisions on how she is going to live her life. 

She could choose to:

  • Give Up
  • Live life feeling sorry for herself
  • Live Unapologetic 

Michelle chose to Live Unapologetic and she has shared her experiences, lessons, and positivity into many books so they can last forever.  Her personal lessons are now available for YOU to learn from.

“Once I realized my stories could move mountains across the globe through the power of written words, I knew it was time to put pen to paper.” – Michelle

Her published works: Eat, Drink, and Be Mary: A Glimpse Into A Life Well Lived, It’s Not Luck, Overcoming You  and Unapologetic – An Entrepreneur’s Journey From Pain to Pride are now available.

Michelle the EP cover photo with the title and picture of Michelle

International Recording Artist

Michelle believes in living unapologetically and being the best YOU. She has a mission to share this message in every way possible. 

Being born with a voice that many have claimed to have been sent by angels, Michelle brings her gift of song to raise the vibration of love to audiences around the world.

The album is a special story in itself. It was deliberatly designed to tell the story of Michelle’s life.

Both Sides Now, as recorded by Joni Mitchel represents the pains, illusions and love in growing up.  Completing the story, Michelle finishes with the jazz classic from Duke Ellington, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore. A fun and inspirational song about life. 

Internet TV Show

Be sure to tune in to Michelle’s internet TV livestream show, Mental Shift! Mental Shift is a show dedicated to discussing individuals’ journeys through life and how their non-linear paths have allowed them to become the best version of themselves. My goal is to normalize mental shifts and provide valuable insights for being unapologetically YOU. New episodes will air on YouTube and The New Channel Facebook page on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm MST.


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