Reach your full potential with the MentalShift Internet TV Show.
Originally a radio show transformed to a rule-breaking podcast, MentalShift is now a live streamed show directly out of the Phillipines on (The New Channel). The show is designed to connect stories, evoke change, and inspire you with every episode. Hour-by-hour, we take a deep dive into the lives of remarkable guests to learn about their mental shifts in life.
One small mindset change can shift in world.
Live every Tuesday at 7:30pm MST
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Every day is another chance to make a change. Start today by consuming MentalShift via your favorite podcast streaming platform or tune in to live episodes on Youtube or Facebook Live. My desire is that each time you press play, you will be transformed into a world of relatable inspiration that fuels a fire within you. If the moments you spend listening to this podcast inspire, entertain, or promote a new way of thinking, then spread the stories through reviews, ratings, and share with your colleagues. 

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