Reach your full potential with the MentalShift podcast. Originally a radio show transformed to a rule-breaking podcast, MentalShift is a podcast designed to connect stories, evoke change, and inspire  you with every episode. Hour-by-hour, I take a deep dive with my remarkable guests to learn about the mental shift in their lives that was the catalyst toward their success. One small mindset change can shift everything in your world. You just have to make a choice. 


When your life is running on autopilot, it’s easy to keep coasting until you hit a wall. It is too easy. In order to reach a meaningful destination, you must make conscious choices each day that map out your proper path. 

A shared characteristic between entrepreneurs, business owners, and happily successful individuals is the moment they turned off autopilot, made a choice, and excelled. MentalShift examines the desires that capitalize intrinsic motivators into game changers. 

listen in. get motivated. activate change.

What do restaurants, tattoo studios, gas stations, and wellness centers all have in common? They are operated by individuals that made intentional choices to elevate their inspiration. Listen in as I connect with individuals to uncover the moments that their shift in mentality ultimately unlocked their full potential. Every industry, various backgrounds, intentional choices that changed everything. 


Every story is worthy. This is your opportunity to share your voice with those who need to hear it. We have all experienced moments in our lives that are destined to help others. I will provide the platform for your voice to be heard so you can be the light in the darkness for even one person. 

Together we will explore the mental shift that occurred in your life to transition your attitude from surviving to thriving and share it globally on my podcast. When you are ready to share your story, or know someone who is, connect with me. 


Every day is another chance to make a change. Start today by consuming MentalShift via your favorite podcast streaming platform. My desire is that each time you press play, you will be transformed into a world of relatable inspiration that fuels a fire within you. If the moments you spend listening to this podcast inspire, entertain, or promote a new way of thinking, then spread the stories through reviews, ratings, and share with your colleagues.